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UIZO- 4x1hr of Adult ballet/ Bollywood/ Reggaeton/ Lumbia/ Basic Hiphop worth up to $98


  • Only $33 instead of $248
  • 4 x 1hrs of Adult Ballet / Bollywood / Reggaeton / Lumbia or Basic Hip hop
  • Free Dance Cap worth $25
  • Free 5 Dance Party Tickets worth $75
  • $50 Dance Shoes voucher

  • May buy as many as you want or as a gift for your friend and family

Details of the Deal

UIZO- 4x1hr of Adult ballet/ Bollywood/ Reggaeton/ Lumbia/ Basic Hiphop worth up to $98

Adult ballet Sun @ 11:15am

With 300 years of history, Ballet is a classic dance that trains poise and grace, together with strength, flexibility and agility of the body and feet.  It provides a great platform from which dancers can explore many other types of dances due to its structured syllabus and great influence in the dance industry.

Bollywood: Fri @ 8.15pm

The film music and dances in Bollywood films uses formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance, with the infusion of western techniques. It has a unique and energetic style and rhythm that is sure to get your feet jumping, heart pumping and hips.

Reggaeton: Wed @ 8.15pm

Raggaeton is a dance that emphasizes on the hips. Therefore, girls are more known to do raggaeton than guys. In a dance, the girl does countless times of rotation and fast movements around the hips. Thus, during warm ups, it is advisable to stretch along the thigh and hips area. Dancers in this genre of dance are usually seen with their legs slightly bent to enable easier movement of the hips.

Lumbia: Sat @ 1.15pm

It is a fast dance fitness cardio workout, aimed to push the stamina and endurance of the student.

Basic Hiphop: Fri/Sat @ 7.15pm-8.15pm

From the streets of US, Hip Hop has now taken the world by storm. Learn funky moves and groove to pop songs by Britney, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas and more! The class starts with warm ups consisting of feet and body techniques to improve agility and groove, followed by a short choreography where you learn to flow from one move to another. 

About the Programme Provider

UIZO started in 2008 and strives to add new favor to the Hip Hop dance scene by introducing new moves via constant research and development while having fun. The foundation of U.I.ZO's Hip Hop dance classes is Yoga for dancers and Isolation class; both these classes help dancers to built strength, control and flexibility to achieve amazing result as a dancer

Blk 162 Bukit Merah Central #04-3575 S150163 (Above KFC, Opposite the Polyclinic)
Tel: 3156 4434